Connect your customer...
to your community,
connect the community...
to your customer.

Silent Salesperson

MediaUSA's digital iBoard is an excellent way
to promote and remind your guests about your
daily and weekly specials, drink specials,
upcoming events. Oh, and don't forget to
intrigue them about your desserts!

Community Information

Inform your guests of events happening
throughout your community. Whether it's a
community or local sporting event, your guests
will enjoy being informed!


Keep your guest's experience fun and entertaining
with fun trivia questions and facts. Friends
and families can enjoy being challenged and a
have a friendly competition!

Customized To Your Location

No cost to you!

MediaUSA designs, updates, and manages. You host.

Display Image

The larger Display area is
capable of showing video or
static type media.

RSS Feed

Scrolling RSS feed assists in attracting viewers to engage
their attention.

iBoards are updated monthly to keep content
fresh, exciting, & engaging!

iBoard Digital displays range in size from 42" to 65"

Feature Ads

Side feature ads rotate
through various businesses
every 10 seconds.

Up to Date

iBoard trivia, community info, upcoming event, etc.
are updated monthly.

Screen Samples